White Silk Furisode

White Silk Furisode

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In Japanese, the word ‘furisode’ (振袖) means ‘swinging sleeves’. These kimono are the most formal rank for young girls and have the longest sleeves of all. Another aspect that sets them apart is that their designs are brighter and more colourful than standard kimono. Swinging long sleeves around was also said to get rid of demons and purify the area - giving luck and good health to everyone nearby. Furisode are perfect for weddings, especially for brides or family to the bride or groom. Additionally, furisode are typically worn by young women for seijinshiki (成人式) coming of age ceremony.  

This is a completely lined 100% silk furisode kimono. This is a completely white fruisdoe with Royal blue lining. 

Material: silk outer, silk lining
Care: dry clean only

身丈 Length: 162cm
裄丈 Cuff to mid-back: 65cm
袖丈 Sleeve Length: 113cm

Made in Japan

振袖 ふりそで