Rentals & Styling Packages

We offer rentals of full ensembles for men, women, and children for all events including graduations and weddings. Some past occasions we have styled for are

  • Shichi-Go-San (Children's Rights of Passage at ages 3, 5, 7)/七五三
  • Traditional Japanese weddings/結婚式
  • kimono parties/着物のパーティー
  • Maiko/Geisha look/舞子風
  • Graduation ceremonies/卒業式
  • Coming of Age ceremonies/成人式
  • fashion magazines/ファッションの雑誌
  • anniversary photos/記念撮影

We also offer kimono styling, including hair and makeup, and dressing for customers who already own kimono. We also offer kimono care and ownership consultations.

Please make a consultation appointment for your occasion.

The best way to contact us is by phone at 212-505-0232 or email,


Rental pricing is based on rented items and formality of ensemble.

Please note that specific undergarments are needed for formal ensembles and must be bought or rented if a customer does not already own them. This adds to the total price so please budget accordingly for formal rentals!


Coming of Age Day
Graduation Ceremony
Men's Formal Set
Refreshing Summer Style
Spring Time
Girl's Formal Set
Winter Formal
Summer Breeze <i>Furisode</i>


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