Kimono Photoshoots


A Collection of Fashion Photo shoots taken around New York City. We do professional photo shoots for magazines and companies as well as showcases for beautiful ensembles our customers wear for their important days like weddings, graduations, or just wanting a professional photo shoot styled by us.

Please contact us for information and photo shoot opportunities!

*disclaimer: for customer photo shoots ensembles must be either bought or rented from us.
All rights reserved. Unless otherwise credited all photos belong to The Kimono House inc.

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casual robe style
family portrait
new years formal wear
men's formal ensemble with hakama
shichi-go-san furisode
yukata and arrow
semi-formal women's kimono
women's wedding kimono
father and son
mother and child formalwear
shichi-go-san boy's ensemble
boy's formalwear
yukata and playful fan